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Learn how Kiwibank leveraged OKRs to enhance performance and alignment

Kiwibank’s growth strategy and changing markets prompted the implementation of OKRs to align teams on strategic pillars and achieve their best financial results yet!

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Case Study
Learn how a focus on OKR execution rejuvenated Marvin Engineering’s OKR Program and unlocked new levels of innovation and profitability.

Wave Nine helped Marvin Engineering to:

  • Identify goals that all company leaders could prioritize

  • Establish ownership of the rollout by creating a Steering Committee (led by an executive champion) and a Core Team (led by a Business Process Owner)

  • Conduct over 20 workshops, working with each team to set goals that contributed to the broader vision of the OKRs set for that quarter and making sure everyone understood the WorkBoard software

Wave Nine supports ABB Product Managers on their competence journey, helping build essential skills, including:

  • Using OKRs for strategic thinking

  • Setting outcome based OKRs that aren’t simply task lists

  • Aligning their actions with ABB’s vision

  • Driving innovations within their roles

Wave Nine guides Smart Power in integrating OKRs into their strategy, starting with a pilot program and expanding to encompass the division as a whole:

  • Use OKRs to make strategy understandable and actionable across teams

  • Improving team skills in prioritization and execution

  • Cultivating a mindset focused on outcomes, flexibility, and creativity

  • Balancing team autonomy with alignment to the company’s broader vision

Jonas Paul Schreiber
Co-Chief of Staff, Wandelbolts

We were total beginners when it came to OKRs Wave Nine was knowledgeable about the OKR Method in general as well as implementing OKRs through WorkBoard. That was out first impression of them, and they really delivered in the end

Learn how OKRs by Wave Nine empowered Wandelbots to achieve strategic focus and company-wide alignment following rapid growth

  • Identify a "North Star" vision to become the world leader

  • Localizing departmental OKRs that teed into the leadership OKRs

  • Enabling the entire organization on WorkBoard with over 20 workshops with staff and super users

  • Sustain Wandelbots' OKR efforts in future quarters by certify 12 internal OKR Coaches

  • Reset Wandelbots' OKRs for next quarter in a rapid and focused series of workshops.

Listen to what our clients say

Learn how OKRs helped Tala, a growing FinTech startup in a dynamic new industry, attain alignment and operational excellence

  • Biweekly check-ins that keep projects on track, guided by OKRs

  • The ability to escalate issues much quicker and address at-risk initiatives in real-time

  • Systems and tools that allowed for closer project monitoring and on-demand insights

  • Execution of their strategy with well defined initiatives that feed into the company s larger OKRs

The Wave Nine team was very patient during the training process for both the eyecutives and the company as a whole. They did their homework, learned about our challenges and came prepared.They worked well with our teams to create a highly-collaborative OKR Strategy.

Ishan Grupta

Senior Vice President of Operations


I was impressed by the Wave Nine team's engagement from the start. They were highly responsive and they worked to understand our business. They came to serve as an extension of our company, making sure we were doing everything right as we streamlined our implementation.

Larry Sanford

Vice President of Operations


Learn how fast growing startup GetSetUp streamlined and refined their OKRs with Wave Nine to accelerate growth

  • Leaner process with Objectives and Key Results

  • Better Communication with transparency and focus

  • Cross-functional collaboration enabled by value-focused OKRs deparmentandinvachrescity across

Learn how Wave Nine helped Wellness Together achieve more alignment with better Executive OKR-Setting workshops

  • Create a common language on goals.

  • Implement OKRs as a mechanism for teams to make better decisions

  • Integrate an operating rhythm to drive OKR behavior continuously

After working with Wave Nine to define our OKRs, we now know where the bus is headed and when it will be there. Everyone feels more at ease now that they are after a common goal.

Jeremiah Aja

M.A., M.Div., LPCC

Director of Partnerships

Wellness Together

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