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Adopt an effective OKR process into your organization’s operating rhythm.
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Establish high-quality OKRs through facilitated workshops.
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Are you experiencing any of
these situations

Industry Disruption

Amid industry disruption from technology and market changes, you seek a strategic path to overcome challenges and thrive.

Current OKRs aren’t working

You try to rescue a failing OKR program that is not tuned to your business and needs. It turns into just another process without any substantial impact.

Growth without scalability

While experiencing a phase of rapid growth, you have difficulties in aligning and scaling OKRs effectively. This impacts the ability to meet the rising demand while maintaining high-quality deliverables.

New leadership or strategy

Changes in leadership or the launching of a new strategy leave departments and teams confused about priorities, leading to a lack of direction.

Navigating These Challenges Is Difficult In A
Complex, Matrixed Organization, Whether You Use OKRs Or Not

Multiple reporting lines, cross-functional teams, and conflicting priorities all lead to confusion and inefficiencies in strategy execution.

We Don’t Just Sit On The Sidelines We immerse ourselves within your organization to
tackle your challenges head-on by:


Our Clients Achieve
Unparalleled Transparency, Alignment, And Accountability​

Wave Nine helped them execute their strategies and transform their business in ways they had never considered possible.

Goals Reached 1 year faster

“We achieved our 3-year strategy in 2 years and increased revenue by 12% this year. I wish I’d started sooner.”
Sam Meckey
Sam Meckey​
EVP of EXL Health, EXL​
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Overhead Costs Reduced By 15%

“Wave Nine really enabled us to embed OKRs successfully into the commercial organization.”​

A black and white portrait of a smiling man with a beard, wearing glasses and a black shirt, exemplifying the essence of Wave Nine.
Andrew Huxter​
VP Growth Markets at ResMed​
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25% More Time to Prioritize Tasks Effectively

“With Wave Nine, OKRs are such an intuitive system that it makes you live and breathe OKRs.”​

Black and white headshot of a smiling man with short hair, wearing a suit and tie, representing Wave Nine.
Nick Sullivan​
General Manager, ​ Strategy at Kiwibank​
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