Set Up and Launch OKRs in 2023

Guide 1 of 4 —

How to Setup and Launch Your OKR Program the right way:

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

  • Get the 11 critical steps you need to complete the first OKR phase, the “Setup and Launch” of your OKR Program. 
  • Written for Strategy and Operations executives and OKR program managers
  • The most important steps to plan and launch your OKR program
  • Based on insights from 120+ OKR implementations in the last 7+ years.

Get Strategy Execution Right the first time

Set your OKR program up for success with Setup and Launch

Avoid loss of budget, time, and reputation by rushing into an OKR program without the necessary preparation. 

This first of four guides, “How to Setup and Launch your OKR Program the right way”, includes all the steps you need to take to create an impactful and fast moving OKR program.

Everything you need to do BEFORE setting OKRs

Most Teams start an OKR implementation by setting OKRs right away – without doing the necessary preparation.

In 11 simple steps, we’ve condensed all the important preparations to be done AFTER the decision to launch an OKR program has been made, and the program is actually launched.

Build communities to increase buy-in and lower resistance

Building executive champions as well as communities of OKR experts is critical to ensure that your organization is well prepared to take on an OKR implementation.

In the report, read about the 3 critical Briefing and Kick-Off meetings to hold before launching!

Create excitement and momentum before you launch

Communications and transparency are your friends when it comes to creating excitement and momentum for your OKR program. Learn how you can use your executive champions in “Preparing Executive Communication to the org” (Step 6 in the report)


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Wave Nine OKR Experts work with executive leaders, program managers, coach communities, and everyone in between to make strategy execution with OKRs a better process.


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Get Strategy Execution with OKRs right the first time!

Wave Nine is the official partner of WorkBoard, building OKR Operating Rhythms for the world’s best organizations, through OKR model and WorkBoard software implementations.



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